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Shiningmax history and development
Shiningmax has its development and the creativity is headquartered in zhongshan city.near shigeru new industrial zone.
Company set up a furniture manufacturer Ferdinand shiningmax in 1913, initially involved in the production and sales of the shop counter and display case. Later development lead to sales according to the article, including the selection of imported display mannequins.
During the second world war, when there is no human body model into shiningmax start their production.
The human body model is a great demand of the post-war period, at home and abroad, the company has experienced a wide range of international expansion and development in the next few decades, become the world's leading supplier of display mannequins. In 1975, decided to focus entirely on the human body model and stop all activities in the field of plant parts production and sales.
Shiningmax human body model:
As a leading company in the display mannequin business, shiningmax policy can provide a wide range of modern well-functioning mannequins within categories, women, men, teenagers and children.
Shiningmax concept and design of the products are designed by their own departments cooperate with international famous according to experts, designers, sculptors, and stylist. This includes the production and finish all the important elements of the human body model (body, face, wigs, makeup, etc.). Therefore shiningmax can determine the human body model is the high quality of life in all aspects of requirements, determine the delivery from shiningmax correctly with the product.
Shiningmax another advantage of the whole process from product development to delivery of finished products, is to be able to provide customers with the possibility of taking their products, so as to get the best looking for their specific needs. Besides shiningmax own design and product development projects, we offer our customers a wide range of services: such as the development of cosmetics and wig styles to meet the specific wishes of our customers. In some cases, we also provide customers with a close cooperation and development of ideas and unique creative product or product range is limited, specifically for the special needs of customers.
Shiningmax product sales mainly through our representative director in many countries. These shiningmax sole agent products are trained to provide support and services, we believe that every shiningmax customer is entitled to.
For shiningmax no agent in a specific country, if possible, we will do our best to serve customers directly from our headquarters in zhongshan. Shiningmax policies work through agent, however, as long as it is possible. The reason for doing this is to ensure that our clients always have a local Hindsgaul representatives, and to ensure that customers receive the expected high level of advice and services, both before and after delivery.
Today's production shiningmax human model is part of my Chinese in our own factory in our facilities.
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